Bioacoustic Wildlife Survey


Bioacoustic Monitoring survey
• Single Recording Device
• Choose your survey schedule
• 28 day survey period
• Choose your survey type

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Biodiversity Monitoring Made Simple. The bioacoustic monitoring survey helps you monitor bird and/or bat species to help you understand the biodiversity and environmental health of your land. Begin by establishing your biodiversity baseline, and track progress effortlessly over time.

This comprehensive package includes a 28-day lease of a cutting-edge recording device:

Delivery: We send the recording devices straight to your doorstep, ahead of your chosen survey schedule.
Set-Up: Our user-friendly devices come with intuitive instructions for a fuss-free set-up and optimal survey period.
Return: When the survey concludes, send the devices back using the pre-paid packaging provided.
Insights: A comprehensive report of our findings will be prepared and swiftly delivered to your inbox.

Price includes shipping and return of equipment, along with clear instructions for simple set up. Recording devices are sent in advance of the 1st of the month of your chosen monitoring period. Your biodiversity report will be delivered within 10 working days from the return of the device. Email support available.

Select your survey type to identify bird species, bat species, or both:
Base Survey: Monitoring at intervals 22 hours per day for birds, and a 2-hour monitoring window for bats at night time.
Pro Bird: Monitoring at intervals 24 hours per day for bird species (almost 50% more recording time for birds than base survey for more comprehensive identification)
Pro Bat: Monitoring at intervals 8 hours per night for bat species (300% more recording time for bats than base survey for more comprehensive identification)

Please note we reserve additional stock for larger orders. If you are planning to deploy 3 or more devices, or would like a bespoke quote, please contact us directly for more information.

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