Biodiversity Monitoring

Research and Protecting Wildlife

At Carbon Rewild, we use monitoring technology and dedicated machine learning to quickly establish which species are present, and if measured across multiple seasons or years, whether there has been positive changes to wildlife over time.

We aim to make biodiversity monitoring an accessible and exciting process, giving you the evidence of key species present in your land using non-intrusive monitoring technology.

What We Do

We use passive visual and audio monitoring devices to capture information, in combination with AI and further analysis to understand the presence of species in a given area.

Species are the building blocks of ecosystems, and the variety of species can be an indicator of ecosystem health. There may also be a focus on observing specific species, either keystone species, which play an essential role in the structure, functioning or productivity of a habitat or ecosystem, or an indicator species, which can indicate wider species health due to their reliance or impact on other species’ populations.

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