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Our Learning Hub pages are for individuals and organisations interested in biodiversity monitoring. Here, you’ll find information designed to educate and inspire, from the basics of biodiversity and its importance, to planning your survey in different habitats.

Learn about the science and techniques for bioacoustic monitoring.


Why Bat surveys provide vital information on bat species, and offer key insights into overall ecosystem health.

Why Bird Surveys are key to understanding and protecting our feathered friends and their habitats!

How Bioacoustics can complement traditional bird survey methodologies.


Bioacoustic Monitoring in Woodland environments

Bioacoustic Monitoring in Farmland environments

Learn about monitoring approaches for your rewilding project.

The importance of monitoring for a species reintroduction, and measuring the wider impact on wildlife.

Discover the wonderful variety of nature in your garden, helping you practice wildlife-friendly gardening.


Learn how we can mitigate climate change through natural ecosystem restoration.

As pressure continues to increase on our wildlife, rewilding can give nature the space to flourish.

Learn about Biodiversity, understanding its vital role in ecosystem health, and our collective efforts to conserve and enhance it for a sustainable future.

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