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We love working with organisations to create a Nature Positive Future. But don’t just take it from us. See how these featured Carbon Rewild clients have met and exceeded their needs with bioacoustic monitoring.


We have conducted biodiversity monitoring at multiple Citizen Zoo sites, where pioneering urban rewilding projects are transforming the landscape & reconnecting people with the natural world. We delivered bioacoustic monitoring to benchmark biodiversity, species distribution, and identify species of conservation concern, to inform conservation activities and measure biodiversity change over time.

“We have had a great experience working with Carbon Rewild since 2022 at both our Wild Tolworth and Beaver Reintroduction sites in London. Their bioacoustic sensors are user-friendly and highly efficient, and their reports are well-presented, easy to understand, and provide a high level of detail about our sites. In particular, the reports have exceeded our expectations, setting a new standard for ecological reports that are often difficult to digest and understand for those not working in the industry.

Ben, Urban Rewilding Officer


We have supported Vitacress, a salad and herb growing company, with monitoring across their farms, aligning with their 10-year biodiversity action plan. Bioacoustic monitoring is used to monitor wildlife across their farms, and measure the impact of wildlife friendly practices, such as planting wildflower meadows, trees, hedgerows, and conservation strips to beekeeping and installing boxes for bats, birds and owls.

“Adopting bioacoustic monitoring has opened up opportunities to record wildlife that we never thought was possible. Carbon Rewild’s expertise and guidance has been invaluable as we progress towards our aim of more biodiversity across our farms and sites. We would never have been able to identify the variety of species through traditional surveys. The reports we receive are clear, concise and informative. They bring a lot of joy to our farmers who can see how their conservation efforts have paid off and motivate them to do more. Working with the team at Carbon Rewild has been a real pleasure and we look forward to a long relationship.”

Leah, Group Environment Manager

Natural Capital

Nattergal delivers Nature recovery at scale, managing large areas of ecologically degraded landscapes across the UK and Europe in order to recover biodiversity and bring about functioning natural processes. We have worked with Nattergal to baseline biodiversity across their sites, and are conducting further monitoring to measure the impact of ‘rewilding’ depleted ecosystems.

“The Carbon Rewild team have been fabulous to work with at Boothby Wildland – responsive and adaptive, they’ve gone over and above on numerous occasions. We’re now into our second year of monitoring birds and bats across the site and have extended the use of the monitors at other Nattergal sites too. The report we received was thorough, well set out and easy to follow, with a great breakdown on each species detected. 

We’ve shared it with various groups, who’ve all been very impressed, as well as used for our own baselining. I’m really looking forward to exploring the new Carbon Rewild dashboard, which will make looking at the data across several years at Boothby all the more interesting and accessible.”

Lorienne, Project Manager – Landscape Recovery

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