Bioacoustic Services

Looking for an easy solution to monitor wildlife? Our off-the-shelf services are ready to deliver to your doorstep.

By harnessing the sounds of nature, Bioacoustic monitoring delivers key species and biodiversity data. Bioacoustic monitoring is non-invasive, able to operate continuously, and can cover large areas, making it an efficient and effective method for environmental surveys and studying wildlife.

1. Ship

Recording devices are posted to you in advance of your survey

2. Record

Recording devices set up with simple instructions

3. Return

Devices are returned via pre-paid packaging

4. Report

Audio analysis completed and report delivered to you quickly

No fuss technology

We use cutting edge acoustic monitoring technology to monitor wildlife, focussing on bird and bat species. Our easy-to-use recording devices are deployed for 24/7 monitoring, capturing sound data that can be analysed to identify species and track their activity. The weather-proof devices can be used in all environments for quality results.

High Quality Reporting to understand your land and nature.

We provide valuable insights into the presence, behaviour, and changes of species over time. This translates into actionable information, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding conservation efforts, land management, and environmental impact assessments.

We employ a combination of advanced AI, statistical analysis, and human verification to deliver accurate, reliable and timely results.

Store, review and report on all your results in one place. Introducing Carbon Rewild Core: our interactive dashboard service.

Species Insights

Monitor key bird and bat species of conservation and legal importance. Identifying species at risk is vital, as it helps focus our efforts on the wildlife that needs urgent action. Continuous monitoring helps us track how the species’ populations are changing.

Easy to use

Simple shipping process and device set up onsite. We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to process the data and deliver you the results.

Cost Effective

Accessible pricing to ensure you can monitor biodiversity for projects large and small.


Scale monitoring with multiple recording devices and measure species distribution.


Benchmark your biodiversity through species richness, and repeat surveys over time to monitor biodiversity change.

Speedy results

We use the latest AI and statistical modelling to process the data quickly and accurately, and verify individual species to ensure accurate results.


Our custom-designed, weather-proof recording devices are designed to stay out of sight and passively record sound data.

Trusted by leading organisations across the UK

Species Identifications
Minutes of audio analysed

Our Services

Bioacoustic Wildlife Survey

Designed for monitoring gardens or small land areas

• Single Recording Device •
• Choose your survey schedule •
• Choose Bird and/or Bat identification •
• 28 day survey period •
• Biodiversity report •

Pro Bird Survey

Custom bird bioacoustic monitoring plan built for your needs

• Multiple Recording Devices •
• 1 month, 3 month survey options •
• 24-hour Bird monitoring •
• Custom reporting •
• In-depth analysis and Bird activity trends •

Pro Bat Survey

Custom bat bioacoustic monitoring plan built for your needs

• Multiple Recording Devices •
• 1 month, 3 month survey options •
• Extensive night time bat monitoring •
• Custom reporting •
• In-depth analysis and Bat activity trends •

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