What Is Rewilding?

Rewilding can breathe life into our landscapes, and create an environment that perpetually captures carbon to mitigate the effects of climate change. By reducing human control of landscapes, we encourage the return and habitation of native species and promote the living systems which we all depend upon.

Letting Nature Lead

Currently almost all land in the UK is managed, and has left little room for wildlife to flourish. 56% of species in the UK are experiencing a decline in their population, and 15% of our species are threatened. Aggressive land management, climate change, pollution and the historic hunting of large mammals has led to a consistent loss of biodiversity in every region of the UK.

Rewilding is a conservation approach to restore ecological processes and reduce human control of landscapes. It is an opportunity to restore the magic of wild nature, and enable the return of lost species to thrive here once again.

Benefits of Rewilding

Fight Climate Change

Through soil recovery and growth of trees and vegetation, carbon is naturally captured from the atmosphere and stored in the land

Good for our Health

Healthy ecosystems to help provide resilience against severe weather, provide clean air and filter water.

Protecting Species from Extinction

56% of species in the UK are in decline, but we can reverse the trend of wildlife extinction by giving nature the space to recover and thrive.

Connect with Nature

Rewilded lands are beautiful and teeming with nature. Spending time outdoors with nature has proven to help our own mental and physical wellbeing.

The Nature Business

It’s difficult to imagine a business that doesn’t have an impact or interface with nature….