Nature Metrics and Reporting

Understanding nature has never been so easy

Nature is complex, but reporting doesn’t have to be. We break down survey results into clear metrics, whilst also providing the tools for users with rich data to gain further insights into species and the health of your land.

Nature Highlights

Clear metrics are highlighted summarising the species present, and compare results between multiple sites. Our primary aim is to make bioacoustic data accessible and easy to interpret, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions from the survey results.

Measure your impact

Many organisations commit to protect and enhance biodiversity in their land, but often lack the evidence to demonstrate their impact. View monthly and annual biodiversity trends to track your progress.

Interactive maps

Navigate your results by reviewing individual recording locations using our interactive map features, and explore species distribution across your site.

Species Activity and Behaviour

Users can dive into species-specific information and analyse activity trends. Hourly activity can be viewed, to see the times of day when species are most active.

“Days Present” metrics helps you understand whether species are regularly active or breeding within your site, or occasional visitors.

Habitat Insights

Each habitat supports a unique set of species adapted to live in its conditions. Collecting data on habitat-specific species provides a baseline that can be used to assess changes over time.

We provide the tools to monitor habitat-specific species, and key species indicator groups, helping you assess the impact of environmental changes or conservation interventions on the habitat.

Want to learn more?

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