Small Mammal Bioacoustic Monitoring

Bioacoustic monitoring enables monitoring of wildlife and their ecosystems, providing rich data to inform conservation strategies. Conduct non-invasive bioacoustic surveys across different habitats to measure the presence, behaviour, and distribution of small mammal species.

From baseline to long-term trends

Bioacoustic monitoring provides essential data insights to monitor key species and assess biodiversity levels. The methodology is designed to be non-invasive and repeatable, so that comprehensive baseline and long-term monitoring can be taken.

Small mammals are often considered indicators of environmental health. Changes in their populations can signal alterations in the ecosystem, such as habitat loss, pollution, or climate change. Monitoring their numbers and health can provide valuable information about the state of the environment.

Monitoring Key Species

Many mammal species are difficult to detect, as they are small, often avoid humans, and many are nocturnal. However, thanks to their unique sound signatures, we can identify over 25 small terrestrial mammals, including various species of voles, shrews, and mice. 

Long-term monitoring enables you to detect shifts in population patterns, behaviours, and habitat usage, which are essential for understanding the impacts of environmental changes and conservation practices on these species.

Easy to use technology

Nature is complex, but monitoring doesn’t have to be.

Our easy-to-use recorders are deployed for 24/7 monitoring. The weather-proof units can be used across all habitats environments for quality results. We provide free guidance to help co-design a monitoring plan for you and your land.

1. Ship

Recording devices are posted to you in advance of your survey

2. Record

Recording devices set up with simple instructions

3. Return

Devices are returned via pre-paid packaging

4. Report

Audio analysis completed and report delivered to you quickly

Species Re-introduction

From beavers to butterflies and everything in between, bringing back native species is a key part of re-establishing natural processes and restoring ecosystems. Bioacoustic monitoring can be an effective tool to baseline species diversity, and monitoring local changes to wildlife and habitats as the project progresses. Effective monitoring allows you to track the progress of the project, evaluate its impacts, inform management decisions, and contribute to the broader knowledge base on species reintroduction.

Communicate results clearly, and delve into bioacoustic insights

We provide valuable insights into the presence, distribution, and activity of individual species as well as overall biodiversity. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our results, we use a mix of advanced AI, statistical analysis, and human verification.

With our service, you’ll receive clear reporting, and results displayed on a personalised online dashboard through Carbon Rewild Core, our nature data platform. This dashboard provides easy-to-understand metrics, allowing you to effectively communicate your findings.

Easy to use

Simple shipping process and device set up onsite. We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to process the data and deliver you the results.

Cost Effective

Accessible pricing to ensure you can monitor biodiversity for projects large and small.


Scale monitoring with multiple recording devices and measure species distribution.


Benchmark your biodiversity through species richness, and repeat surveys over time to monitor biodiversity change.

Speedy results

We use the latest AI and statistical modelling to process the data quickly and accurately, and verify individual species to ensure accurate results.


Our custom-designed, weather-proof recording devices are designed to stay out of sight and passively record sound data.

Our Services

Pro Mammal Survey

Custom mammal bioacoustic monitoring plan built for your needs

• Multiple Recording Devices •
• 1 month, 3 month survey options •
• 24-hour mammal monitoring •
• Custom reporting •
• In-depth analysis and species activity trends •

Custom Bioacoustic Project

Interested in monitoring a specific species or species group? We can work together to create custom monitoring tools and programmes.

• Monitoring Programme Design •
• Long-term monitoring •
• Custom reporting & data output •
• In-depth analysis and activity trends •

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