We need your help!

It’s our mission to make wildlife monitoring more accessible, and helps us all appreciate the natural world around us! We’re combining passive monitoring devices with machine learning to help you understand species diversity. We’re looking for a variety of test sites, large and small, and preferably those that are undergoing change (e.g. rewilding, restoration, species introduction, land development), so the biodiversity may change over time. Would you be interested? Read on…

What do I need to do?

We’ll send through the equipment, with simple instructions to set up. Then at the end of the monitoring period (approximately 1 month in duration), we will organise the collection of the devices – and leave the rest of the work to us!

Importantly, this is a free service! But we would really appreciate your feedback and thoughts to help us do the best job possible.

What do I get out of it?

We’ll share the results directly with you, with a breakdown of bat, bird and mammal species observed, along with images captured, and a collection of birdsong.

Species are the building blocks of ecosystems, and the variety of species can be an indicator of ecosystem health. There may also be a focus on observing specific species, either keystone species, which play an essential role in the structure, functioning or productivity of a habitat or ecosystem, or an indicator species, which can indicate wider species health due to their reliance or impact on other species’ populations.

Interested? Fill in your form here and we’ll get in touch. We’re sorry if we can’t offer this to everyone offering at this time, but there will also be opportunities to get involved in the future.

Thank you!

Stefan and Richard, Founders of Carbon Rewild

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