Who We Are

Founding Principles

Carbon Rewild is built on the passion for protecting the environment and the natural world, and our values reflect our founders’ strengths, knowledge, and expertise.

We are all familiar with the threats facing our natural world: climate change, biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, water stress, soil degradation and so on. Armed with this knowledge the next question to ask is how are we going to solve these issues.

Science and Measurement-led

Our design and processes are led by science and data based on continuous testing in a variety locations to ensure accurate and verified results.


Protecting and recovering nature is at the heart of our mission. We aim to support landowners, organisations and communities manage their habitats and landscapes across restoration, rewilding, species re-introduction and conservations projects.

Honesty and Integrity

For you to trust us that we are helping you drive nature’s recovery, you need to be confident that we are doing what we say we are doing.

Clear Communication

The messy world of scientific data is not always presented in a user-friendly manner. Therefore, we will strive to continually develop ways of communicating our work, no matter how complex that work is.

Our Story

Carbon Rewild was founded with the mission to apply technology to help restore nature and biodiversity. In recognition of the well-founded connection between nature restoration and carbon sequestration, we chose the name “Carbon Rewild”.

After several years of development and testing our bioacoustic monitoring technology, we launched our services in 2022. Since then, we have delivered surveys across the UK, from the South coast of England, to the Scottish highlands. We are grateful to the incredible partners and customers who have supported our journey, and continue to help us build a better understanding of nature.

We aim to make biodiversity monitoring an insightful and accessible experience, delivering data that helps you take action.

Species Identifications
Minutes of audio analysed

Meet Us

Our team shares a passion for technology and the preservation of the natural world. Carbon Rewild was founded by two friends, Stefan and Richard, who are focussed on putting science and technology at the heart of Nature’s recovery.

Richard Howard

Richard Howard


Dr Richard Howard is our Engineering Director, and co-founded Carbon Rewild. He has a background in physics and a doctorate in mechanical engineering, which involved designing and analysing novel ultrasonic sensors for remote corrosion monitoring. Richard also has 5 years of experience working in UK manufacturing, designing and building ultra-precise measurement equipment. This experience not only includes technical know-how but the practicalities of bringing a physical product to market and keeping it there. He is keen to apply his knowledge gained from established measurement industries to the natural world to support efforts to mitigate climate change and restore biodiversity.

Stefan Zeeman

Stefan Zeeman


Stefan is Carbon Rewild’s co-founder, and leads our Data Science and Marketing. He studied Physics and Undergraduate and Masters level, including research studies on building greenhouse gas emissions sensors, before starting a career in the technology sector. With over 10 years experience across the technology sector and environmental NGO space, Stefan has continued his passion exploring the intersection between technology and the natural world. With experience in UK and international conservation programs, Stefan recognises the importance of using data to learn, inform our decisions and monitor successful outcomes for people and nature.

Laurence Howard

Laurence Howard

Software Lead

Laurence is Carbons Rewild’s software engineer, delivering full-stack development across a range of digital solutions that we bring to our customers. After studying economics at university, he turned to coding and web design. Laurence has worked for several different technology and sustainability companies, building everything from marketing websites to software for financial advisers.