Carbon Rewild Core

Welcome to your new nature dashboard: Carbon Rewild Core. A single online location for you to store your survey data, see insights and track biodiversity change over time.

Your new Nature Dashboard

Carbon Rewild Core is our revolutionary data dashboard, which brings together bioacoustic survey results in an intuitive and interactive format. The dashboard allows users to visualise and explore the rich bioacoustic data that is collected, offering unparalleled insights into the health and diversity of various ecosystems.

Key Insights

We provide valuable insights into the presence, distribution, and activity of individual species and biodiversity. This translates into actionable information, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding conservation efforts, land management.

Users can dive into species-specific information, analyse activity trends, and compare sites. We aim to make bioacoustic data accessible and understandable, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions about biodiversity conservation and environmental stewardship.

Measure your Impact

Forget Endless Spreadsheets

Forget endless documents & PDFs – have all your surveys stored in the same please for easy comparison and review.

  • Track your biodiversity performance and compare survey results side-by-side
  • Mapping of survey locations to help to understand species distribution and survey methodologies.
  • Clear metrics to help you communicate your results, and dive further into the data for further study and understanding.

Want to learn more?

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