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How to Set Up A Bioacoustic Recording Device?

Our mission at Carbon Rewild is to make the monitoring of wildlife and biodiversity more accessible. This guide will provide an overview of how to set up your recording device on site. Please note we have several different versions of our recording device, which may look different to the version shown in the video below. However, the principles discussed are applicable to all surveys.

1. Shipping and Unboxing

Once you make an order with us we will ship you a recording device.

We will ship the recording device several days in advance of your chosen survey period. Within your package, you will find the following:

  1. Recording device(s)
  2. Velcro strap(s)
  3. Instructions

IMPORTANT – you must keep the box and the return envelope in a safe place as you will need it to return the device. If you have ordered a single device, we will include return packaging within the postage box. For multiple devices, we will arrange courier collection of the box and recording devices at the end of the survey.

2. Setting Up and Recording

Thread the Velcro strap through the slots in the device, so that the recording device can be secured to an appropriate tree, or post. The post or tree should be approximately the same width as the recording unit, and should not be narrower than 6cm, or there is a risk the strap cannot be securely tightened for the monitoring period.

If you would like more details and guidance about how to select an appropriate location, please see here.

As a brief overview, however, locate the device:

  • In or near a suitable habitat
  • Away from sources of noise such as running water or a road
  • Away from public areas such as footpaths
  • 1-2m off the ground

Please discuss with the Carbon Rewild team if you have any questions about finding a suitable location. We offer free survey design and guidance as part of our services.

Once the device is in place make a record of its location.

Then TURN ON THE DEVICE by flicking the switch into the ON position

3. Take Down and Return

After one month relocate the recording device and TURN THE DEVICE OFF by flicking the switch into the OFF position.

Then undo the Velcro strap and place the device and the strap back into the original box.

Please follow the return instructions for your order. If you have ordered a single device, there will be return packaging included in the box. For larger orders, we will be in touch to organise courier collection.

4. Reporting

Time to have a cup of tea and relax!

We’ll do the rest and deliver your results.